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12 February 2012 @ 11:57 am
It Lives! Alpha Centauri Budget Costume  
Before you peek behind the cut, please keep in mind that this is a budget costume. :)

Total cost has been around $60*, $40 of which was Bondo and paint. I somehow went through two and a half cans of Rustoleum on this thing...

Tentatively perched on my dress form. I have since painted further up the body as I thought there was a bit too much plain-ness going on. The lighting isn't doing the pic any favors, but the green on the cape is actually much darker than that on the 'body' and the head...

Both body and cape were cut from a huge tablecloth I picked up for $5, and - as the tablecloth was rather sheer - I flatlined the it with another $5 tablecloth in a darker yellow. There's a lot of velcro and buckram going on around the neck to hide the bottom of the mask.

For the head, I took as large a balloon as I could blow up, set it on a cardboard 'collar', and then covered it in two layers of plaster bandage. The texture of the bandage showed through far more than I liked (the stuff doesn't have that much gypsum in the weave) so, on the advice of chums, I coated the thing in what is probably too much Bondo. Having no previous experience with the stuff, it could have been a lot better, but I've decided that the rough surface is a feature, dammit. (Yes, I sanded. A lot. Did I mention I have asthma? I had to quit after a while..). Then, much spray paint was applied, and a bit of poster paint atop that.

No, I haven't drilled any eyeholes in the mask. I'm probably just going to have to pose blind in the thing, as I can't (ahem) see how to get even pinholes established without them being painfully visible. It just about rests atop my head, too, so I'm not going to fuss around lashing the thing to myself. I don't have time! (I still have The Rani to finish!)

Me wearing an arm, obviously.

Idiot-features here somehow bought only five squares of felt for the hands, instead of six, so I have to haul out to the fabric store again before I can call it done. Gah!

In case you were wondering, the arms won't be attached until I get to Gallifrey as a friend will be bringing a pop-rivet gun so I can attach them to the body.

*Er, if I don't count some attempts at head-building that failed. Curse my honesty!
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